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TREX 450X V2 3D Heli
The Hyperion X22L-3900 (rev 2) motor and Titan 30P brushless controller is a powerful 3D setup for the Trex, using the 9T pinion.  We offer the TREX 450X-V2 in a package deal  - with Hyperion motor, ESC, pinion, and connectors - at a bargain price.  The retail value of the 450X kit and all the components is over $320! We're also holding the shipping for the full set to the same price as kit alone.  We do carry the newest TREX450XL as well, but think that the 450X with motor set is an exceptional value on an excellent helicopter.  Most of the XL plastic parts fit the 450X, so you can easily upgrade at low cost.

The package is specifically tuned for blades in the range of length 290 to 325.  DO NOT use 335 sized blades. We'll be stocking 325 carbon blades from the middle of October.  One set of wood 315 blades is included in the set.

NOTE: Due to weight restrictions, we CANNOT ship the Trex heli kit via small parcel post. You MUST choose EMS EXPRESS for shipping method. Choosing otherwise may result in several days delay, as we'll have to email you about the extra payment required for EMS.



Included in kit:
1 set Main Rotor 315 Light Wood Blades
Included in kit:
New type Swashplate-V2
Closeup shots (pics show older style ball links and swash - our kits are the latest with all upgrades included)
Instruction Manual
The manual is for general information, and may not be updated on this site regularly
Use the updated manual included with the kit for assembly...
Details Specs
The TREX 450X helicopter kit has become a sensation woldwide, as it offers advantages never found before in a helicopter of the class.
  • Clean-tracking Adjustable Pitch System
  • Auto-Rotation System
  • Belt Drive Tail Rotor System
  • Highly Efficient Main Rotor Blades
  • High-authority Tail Rotor
  • Tail Servo Rear Mount
  • Hard Steel Main Shaft
  • Rigid Aluminum Tail Boom
  • Durable Steel Landing Skids
  • Tough Carbon Tail Boom Braces
  • 21 precision ball bearings!
  • CNC alumium alloy linkage balls
  • Sensitive yet stable mixing lever design means
    Perfect hovers for beginners, wildest 3D for masters...

  The things most users mention when they say "I love my Trex because....":

Super 'feel' through the controls, clean hovering and tracking, superb 3D potential, on-going improvement program at Align TW, STRONG design survives crashes better than other brands, low cost of parts when needed, and it looks great!


  • Length:630mm
  • Height:230mm
  • Main Rotor:640mm
  • Tail Rotor:150mm
  • Motor Gear:15T/13T/11T
  • Main Gear:150T
  • Rotation Gear:109T
  • Tail Gear:22T
  • Drive Ratios:
  • Weight(without power system):320g
  • Weight(including power system):615~650g


Required for completion:

  • Battery:  PQ-1500XP-3S (high power, fits well)
  • Motor:  Hyperion X22L
        Advanced     >  3900Kv  9T
  • ESC: Hyperion TITAN 30P
  • Transmitter: 6 CH Heli Radio
  • Receiver:
    35/36/40 Mhz > Hyperion HP-6*DSP-FS
    72 Mhz          > Castle Creations 7-Channel (tba)
  • Gyro: ALIGN Head Lock Gyro RCE-500
  • Servos: Waypoint W-060BB 4-Pack



Details Specifications






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